Sizing Guide: Small Storage Units Can Hold A Lot

Self Storage Tips

August 24th, 2020

You have your items boxed up and ready to go, but do you know what size storage unit you need without accidentally going too small? Jensen Beach Storage understands that can be tricky. That’s why we created this sizing guide and have knowledgeable experts on site to help you determine the right size.

Small Storage Units

Small storage units provide more space than you may think. You just have to be efficient with your packing to make the most of it. Pack your large furniture, like mattresses or dressers, first. Then pack your smaller items into stackable boxes and bins, and fill them into the storage unit around the bigger items.

Medium Storage Units

Moving from a condo or apartment? Medium storage units are the perfect size for holding 2-3 rooms of furniture. They can also fit larger equipment, such as kayaks, golf clubs, motorcycles, and bicycles. Keep space clear in your garage or shed by storing extra tools in a storage unit.

Large Storage Units

Maybe you are moving from a house. Large storage units can hold the furniture and boxes from your house while you settle in. Most will also have enough leftover room for you to walk through and access your possessions. And if you are a small business owner, you can also use self storage to keep your inventory and files safe in lieu of office rental space.

Storing with Jensen Beach Storage

We have all your storage solutions in Jensen Beach FL. Located on Northeast Candice Avenue by the causeway, Jensen Beach Storage offers drive-up and temperature-control in a variety of sizes. To make sure you do not get too small of a storage unit, check out our storage calculator for a sizing recommendation. For contact-free renting, rent or reserve with Jensen Beach Storage today!