Finding Holiday Decoration Storage in Jensen Beach FL

Self Storage Tips

Ready to finally pack up the holiday season? Jensen Beach Storage has the self storage options to help simplify that task. You can keep all your seasonal items in a nearby storage unit to keep it from crowding your home. You use them all once a year, so why take up your valuable storage space all year round? Let us handle your holiday decoration storage so you can live clutter-free. Follow these tips to pack up your decorations. Trees Your biggest focus is keeping your artificial Christmas tree’s branches and needles intact until next year. It should stay in good shape if you put in its original box or a similar-sized box or bag. You can also include extra padding, like bubble wrap, in the box to keep the tree from moving around. Ornaments These are some of the most delicate decorations that you will have to pack back away. If you have a lot of glass or other fragile materials, you may want to wrap your ornaments individually. Otherwise, you can add padding to the box so they do not break by knocking into each other. Wrapping Paper Unsure if you should keep the last of your holiday wrapping paper? If you will use it again next year, keep it! You can store all your wrapping supplies discreetly under your bed or over the door. If you choose to keep them in a Jensen Beach FL storage unit with the rest of your items, just make sure they are in a moisture-proof container. Holiday Decoration Storage in the Jensen Beach FL Area You do not need to worry about your holiday decorations taking up your attic or basement space once you take them down. Store seasonal, holiday decoration storage, and more at Jensen Beach Self Storage on Candice Avenue. We offer everything from small temperature-controlled storage units to large drive-up storage options. Rent your self storage in Jensen Beach FL! ...

January 6th, 2021

Sizing Guide: Small Storage Units Can Hold A Lot

Self Storage Tips

You have your items boxed up and ready to go, but do you know what size storage unit you need without accidentally going too small? Jensen Beach Storage understands that can be tricky. That’s why we created this sizing guide and have knowledgeable experts on site to help you determine the right size. Small Storage Units Small storage units provide more space than you may think. You just have to be efficient with your packing to make the most of it. Pack your large furniture, like mattresses or dressers, first. Then pack your smaller items into stackable boxes and bins, and fill them into the storage unit around the bigger items. Medium Storage Units Moving from a condo or apartment? Medium storage units are the perfect size for holding 2-3 rooms of furniture. They can also fit larger equipment, such as kayaks, golf clubs, motorcycles, and bicycles. Keep space clear in your garage or shed by storing extra tools in a storage unit. Large Storage Units Maybe you are moving from a house. Large storage units can hold the furniture and boxes from your house while you settle in. Most will also have enough leftover room for you to walk through and access your possessions. And if you are a small business owner, you can also use self storage to keep your inventory and files safe in lieu of office rental space. Storing with Jensen Beach Storage We have all your storage solutions in Jensen Beach FL. Located on Northeast Candice Avenue by the causeway, Jensen Beach Storage offers drive-up and temperature-control in a variety of sizes. To make sure you do not get too small of a storage unit, check out our storage calculator for a sizing recommendation. For contact-free renting, rent or reserve with Jensen Beach Storage today! ...

August 24th, 2020

Temporary Storage Tips For Your Home & Business This Summer

Self Storage Tips

Moving this summer? Maybe your vacation plans are staying home; now is a great time to get the home organized and ready for summer plans. Jensen Beach Storage in Flordia offers storage solutions for every situation. Our drive-up storage units and temperature controlled self-storage make it easy to store your valuables for a few months for a few years. Start exploring temporary storage and our short term storage tips for your home and business! Use our office rentals to save your budget for the business. Self-storage is great for storing seasonal items. Clean out the garage and make an outdoor escape while you work from home. Make your home office in the living room and store furniture. Businesses can store tables and chairs to make an open floor plan! Jensen Beach Storage is here to help you store this summer! Whether your plans entail you staying home or you need more space at your storefront, our self-storage in Jensen Beach FL can help. State Renting Now Choosing a storage unit is easy! Find the ideal space using our size guide, then head over to our units page to find a storage unit for rent with the features you need. Contact us if you have questions while renting, our team is here to assist along the way. ...

June 1st, 2020

How To Reclaim Your Space Using Self Storage

Self Storage Tips

Time to take down the tree and clean out the house. Home storage can be helpful for a few boxes and decorations but it stepped up your holiday decor this year, a storage unit might be the solution for you. These holiday storing hacks will help you creatively store yard ornaments, lights, and more. Holiday Hacks for Storing Hang wreaths rather than laying them in a box. Coat hangers or suspended robs are great for wreath storage. Keep egg cartons for glass ornaments off the tree. Paper towel tubes are the perfect size for extension cords. Wrap strings of lights around cardboard to keep them from tangling. Find more tips for storing last year's items in storage with HGTV and Good House Keeping. How Our Jensen Beach Storage Can Help Convenient drive-up storage units Close to Port St. Lucie and Fort Pierce Accessible storage units with convenient hours. Secure monitored storage. Office space for rent! Jensen Beach is ready to help you store today! Rent online or stop in to view our available space with one of our experts. ...

January 14th, 2020

Holiday Schedule Simplified With Storage

Self Storage Tips

Seasonal storage, what do you move? The holidays are here and your space may need a revamp before the family arrives, Jensen Beach Storage has space to help this year. Storing during the holidays can be more than a secret spot to stash your gifts, it can be the extra room you needed to be able to host the holiday party. Storing this season, or any season, just a got a lot easier with our available storage rentals online! Choose a space suitable for what you are storing online. Our size guide will point you in the right direction when choosing the right size storage unit. How do you keep your life and tasks organized during the holidays? Not only do we offer solutions for your items but Jensen Beach Storage has tips for staying on top of the calendar at the end of the year. Choose the events you must attend and make reminders on the calendar. Schedule time with just your family and enjoy each other's company. Holiday cards are best sent early. Update your address book with the incoming letters. A homemade gift can sometimes say more for less. Make a budget for each family member and stick to it. Seasonal Storage Tips Jensen Beach Storage has storage space available to help with gifts, personal items, even your extra business inventory for the busy season. When storing keep these tips in mind. If planning on storing gifts, make a reminder of our access hours and plan plenty of time to get the gift out in time. Use a plastic tarp to protect boxes both from the moisture on the floor and in the air. Purchase the tarp and other moving supplies in the office. Our office rentals are useful for small businesses and our small storage unit is ideal for holiday preparations. Store year-end documents in a storage unit and keep the office organized. Whether planning to store for a few months or looking for long term storage, ...

December 2nd, 2019

We Are More Than Storage

Self Storage Tips

Storing with Jensen Beach Storage is more than self storage solutions. Our level of expertise goes beyond renting storage space, we offer moving tips, organization for the new year, and a friendly person to help you rent the right storage space. You will find our storage in Jensen Beach FL on Candice Avenue near Causeway Boulevard and Jensen Beach Boulevard. Local businesses like ours can help you find other nearby businesses to help you with your projects. Whether you need a moving company or a realtor, we can give you a few recommendations. Moving a few seasonal items to storage or moving the entire house? Jensen Beach Storage is here to help. These are 10 ways our storage can give you peace of mind during a busy time. You May Need Storage If... The garage needs to be cleaned out after the season. You are downsizing. Moving neighborhoods and need to get organized while selling your current house. College students are on their way home, along with their belongings. Starting a business at home first. Traveling for work on a regular basis. A recent change in relationship status and housing situation. Helping an aging family member move to a smaller home. Opening an online business. Your hobbies need a place all their own. Jensen Beach Storage: The Place To Store and More Find a storage unit to protect your items along with the supplies to pack everything. Our office is stocked with the latest boxes and tools to make storing as simple as possible. The experts here can answer your questions, like how much space you should rent, or how to stay on budget while storing and moving. Our promise is more than storage, we want to be an asset to our customers in Jensen Beach FL. Talk with Jensen Beach Storage experts today or choose to rent online! ...

October 14th, 2019