Save on Storage When You Refer a Friend!

Self Storage

Ready to relocate? You will not be alone on that venture, as the U.S. saw a rise in temporary and permanent movers from big cities since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. We explain some of the big reasons for moving below. Moving can get stressful, but with the help of self storage, you can be organized and have peace of mind knowing all your belongings are safe as you make your transition. And when you refer a friend to Jensen Beach Self Storage, you can both save money on your rental. Start renting with us today! Why Did People Move from Cities During the Pandemic? City Rent Was Too High for the New Conditions. Restaurants and entertainment locations were closed, so residents paid city rent prices to mostly be stuck in their apartments all day. New York, Brooklyn, and Chicago were at the top of the list with the highest numbers of people who moved away in the first six months of the pandemic. Government Officials Imposed Hefty Restrictions. In crowded cities, governments did their best to keep residents from extraneously spreading the virus. Restaurants could not serve sit-down service, buildings had lower occupancies, and masks had to be worn. But rural areas got much more lenient restrictions, and the freedom was enticing to many people. Social Distancing Got Tricky. Like noted above, cities are packed. During a normal year, you would come into contact with dozens of people just by riding public transportation or visiting a grocery store. For some, moving was a choice for personal safety. Store With Jensen Beach Self Storage & Refer a Friend for Savings! Did those reasons to move resonate with you? The moving process can get stressful, but Jensen Beach Self Storage is always here to support you. We offer drive-up and temperature-controlled storage units that are secure and affordable for Jensen Beach FL residents and businesses. And to save even more on storage, refer a friend for $50 off your next storage rental for each of ...

February 5th, 2021

Best Self Storage for Jensen Beach FL Residents

Self Storage

Are you in the market for some extra space? Whether your small space is getting crowded or you have just decided it is time to acquire some additional storage space, Jensen Beach Self Storage on Candice Avenue is here to support you. Our storage professionals can help you determine the size storage unit and amenities that would best serve your storage purpose. Start renting self storage with us in Jensen Beach FL with us today to start getting organized! Self Storage Units from Jensen Beach Storage Variety of Self Storage Options Our small storage units are cost efficient, and our smallest ones start at 14 square feet. Self storage is not always a big change; it is simply extra space when you need it. Jensen Beach Storage makes finding self storage easy. We have interior, temperature-controlled, and drive-up self storage units available for rent at our Candice Avenue storage facility. We can match you with the right amount of space, from closet-sized to our large commercial rental spaces. Stop by our facility to browse your options, or check them out online. Convenient Jensen Beach FL Location Located between Jensen Beach and Ocean Breeze FL, our self storage facility is convenient for a number of nearby neighborhoods along Hutchinson Island and the St. Lucie River. We are close to Causeway Boulevard, leading to Hutchinson Island. You can easily access the island’s A1A state road, as well as Route 1 on the mainland. Both can take you north and south. Areas We Serve Jensen Beach FL Ocean Breeze FL Hutchinson Island FL North Shore Rivers FL Stuart FL Nearby Attractions Jensen Beach Park Savannas Preserve State Park The Mansion at Tuckahoe Indian Riverside Park St. Lucie River Are you ready to declutter your space? Find a self storage unit in Jensen Beach FL to give yourself more storage nearby. Reserve your storage online here! ...

January 26th, 2021

Finding Holiday Decoration Storage in Jensen Beach FL

Self Storage Tips

Ready to finally pack up the holiday season? Jensen Beach Storage has the self storage options to help simplify that task. You can keep all your seasonal items in a nearby storage unit to keep it from crowding your home. You use them all once a year, so why take up your valuable storage space all year round? Let us handle your holiday decoration storage so you can live clutter-free. Follow these tips to pack up your decorations. Trees Your biggest focus is keeping your artificial Christmas tree’s branches and needles intact until next year. It should stay in good shape if you put in its original box or a similar-sized box or bag. You can also include extra padding, like bubble wrap, in the box to keep the tree from moving around. Ornaments These are some of the most delicate decorations that you will have to pack back away. If you have a lot of glass or other fragile materials, you may want to wrap your ornaments individually. Otherwise, you can add padding to the box so they do not break by knocking into each other. Wrapping Paper Unsure if you should keep the last of your holiday wrapping paper? If you will use it again next year, keep it! You can store all your wrapping supplies discreetly under your bed or over the door. If you choose to keep them in a Jensen Beach FL storage unit with the rest of your items, just make sure they are in a moisture-proof container. Holiday Decoration Storage in the Jensen Beach FL Area You do not need to worry about your holiday decorations taking up your attic or basement space once you take them down. Store seasonal, holiday decoration storage, and more at Jensen Beach Self Storage on Candice Avenue. We offer everything from small temperature-controlled storage units to large drive-up storage options. Rent your self storage in Jensen Beach FL! ...

January 6th, 2021

Our Neighbors Need Our Help for the Holidays

In Our Community

2020 brought a lot of challenges to families across the country, and those in Jensen Beach FL are no different. Up to 155% more people are expected to need The Salvation Army's holiday services this year. This might be through bill assistance, meal services, gifting, and more. The Salvation Army provides aid for those who need it most, but it needs our help significantly this year. Jensen Beach Storage is accepting holiday donations at our facility on Candice Avenue in Jensen Beach FL. Please think about donating if you are in a position to! Jensen Beach Storage’s Holiday Initiative This year The Salvation Army cannot raise funds through its normal method alone. Last year you may have seen The Salvation Army’s red kettles scattered around the exits of the mall. But in 2020, the program has to adapt to precautions put into place for COVID-19. There will be fewer red kettles, and, therefore, fewer funds gathered to support The Salvation Army’s assistance programs. Jensen Beach Storage needs your help to raise money, so these programs are still able to help those in our community who have been heavily impacted by the pandemic. Some of the donations go toward meal assemblance and distribution, and The Salvation Army is planning on giving out 20,000 meals in Orlando alone. The need is large this year, but as a community, we can help. Renting with Jensen Beach Storage Jensen Beach Storage offers all kinds of storage solutions, from temperature control to drive-up. You can store the items in your home as you move or look for long-term storage options for your business. We have flexible leasing alternatives that allow you to adapt when your storage needs change. Talk to one of our experts in our office to get a good idea of the size and kind of storage your situation requires. You can also browse our available storage units online! ...

November 16th, 2020

Packing Tips: Use Our Storage Supplies in Jensen Beach FL

Packing Tips

Are you looking for storage close to Jensen Beach and Ocean Breeze? Jensen Beach Self Storage is your number one storage destination. We offer temperature-controlled, drive-up, and interior storage. And we sell storage supplies in our Jensen Beach FL office, so you always have everything you need for an easy storing experience.When you pick out the storage unit that best fits your needs and you need to start packing, follow these tips to get started! 1. Know What Is in Your Boxes Label. Cheat sheet. Cell phone notes application. It does not matter how you keep track of what items are in which box, as long as you do it in a way that works for you. When you are looking later on for a specific serving dish or book, you will be able to refer to the cheat sheet to find it with ease. 2. Lighter Objects in Big Boxes & Heavier in Smaller Protect yourself and your items by distributing the weight of your items across different boxes. When you pack your largest items in your largest boxes, your boxes start to get heavy quickly. Make sure you are able to carry each of the boxes without hurting yourself and without risking the bottom of the box breaking under the weight.Need more boxes for packing? Jensen Beach Self Storage has the best storage supplies selection in Jensen Beach FL. During October, a percentage of our storage supplies sales will go to Susan G. Komen in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 3. Reserve Your Storage Unit in Advance You are looking into storage units, which means you are already on the ball. When you find a storage unit you think will work for your storage needs, reserve it with no obligation or credit card information. You just have to complete the payment by your move-in date. Jensen Beach Self Storage’s Storage Supplies When you store with Jensen Beach Self Storage, you are doing more than just renting storage. You are helping to make a difference. ...

October 14th, 2020

Commerce Storage and Office Space Near You

Business Storage

Do you require more space to run your business? Jensen Beach Storage offers commercial storage and office to the Jensen Beach FL community and surrounding area. Our knowledgeable staff members can help you find the right storage to fit your current needs. Commercial Storage Features in Jensen Beach FL Whether you are looking to store long-term or only need about a closet’s worth of extra space for a few months, we have you covered. Only rent and pay for what you need. Temperature-Controlled Storage Units Delicate items need special protection from damage from extreme heat or cold. If you are storing inventory, you will want to make sure that everything stays in good condition for your customers. Prevent mold and misshaping with temperature control. Drive-Up Storage Units If you need to store large items and plan on bringing a moving truck or other larger vehicle to drop off your items, a drive-up storage unit would be helpful. Loading and unloading is easy, and our extra wide aisles make for simple navigation through the facility. Office Space If you are running a business from home, you do not have to limit yourself to what is in front of you. Create an office space for just yourself or a small team at our office location. And if you are also storing supplies in a storage unit with us, Jensen Beach Self Storage can be your personal business headquarters. Using Commercial Storage Businesses that commonly use commercial storage include: Home Services/Contractors Restaurants/Catering Businesses Retail Stores E-Commerce Shops Real Estate Agents/Home Stagers/Interior Designers Any business selling products needs a place to store their inventory. Storage units can hold furniture and decorations in offseasons. They can also organize your products and important documents for easy access. Jensen Beach FL Commercial Storage Jensen Beach Self Storage in Jensen Beach FL can fulfill all your commercial storage needs. Give your business room to grow by renting a temperature-controlled or drive-up storage unit to hold your supplies. You can also rent an office space to give yourself a workspace or physical location to ...

September 14th, 2020

Sizing Guide: Small Storage Units Can Hold A Lot

Self Storage Tips

You have your items boxed up and ready to go, but do you know what size storage unit you need without accidentally going too small? Jensen Beach Storage understands that can be tricky. That’s why we created this sizing guide and have knowledgeable experts on site to help you determine the right size. Small Storage Units Small storage units provide more space than you may think. You just have to be efficient with your packing to make the most of it. Pack your large furniture, like mattresses or dressers, first. Then pack your smaller items into stackable boxes and bins, and fill them into the storage unit around the bigger items. Medium Storage Units Moving from a condo or apartment? Medium storage units are the perfect size for holding 2-3 rooms of furniture. They can also fit larger equipment, such as kayaks, golf clubs, motorcycles, and bicycles. Keep space clear in your garage or shed by storing extra tools in a storage unit. Large Storage Units Maybe you are moving from a house. Large storage units can hold the furniture and boxes from your house while you settle in. Most will also have enough leftover room for you to walk through and access your possessions. And if you are a small business owner, you can also use self storage to keep your inventory and files safe in lieu of office rental space. Storing with Jensen Beach Storage We have all your storage solutions in Jensen Beach FL. Located on Northeast Candice Avenue by the causeway, Jensen Beach Storage offers drive-up and temperature-control in a variety of sizes. To make sure you do not get too small of a storage unit, check out our storage calculator for a sizing recommendation. For contact-free renting, rent or reserve with Jensen Beach Storage today! ...

August 24th, 2020

Design Your Home Office With These Tips


Are you working from home and looking for ways to design your workplace? Jensen Beach Storage has prepared a list of designs that you can follow while creating your home office. Home office should be a place that reflects the design and comfort of the rest of your home and where you want to get the work done. Check out these ideas that will help you transform your workplace. First, you need a dedicated space that will encourage your brain to transfer from home to work mode and is away from hustle and bustle of the family. Select a desk and chair to fit your height. Your work desk should be wide enough for your computer and anything else necessary to do your work. Good lighting is important for your workplace. Ideally you want as much daylight as possible. If no daylight is available, a combination of general and task lighting will be required. Find the things that distracts you in your home office and store them somewhere in your house or in a storage unit. Benefits of Self Storage Jensen Beach Self Storage can help you create a right workplace for you by storing all your items safely in a storage unit. Your office is your space, and we want to make sure it feels that way. We are convienently located at NE Candice Avenue in Jensen Beach and offers vareity of storage units to fit your needs. Save Some Time and Rent Your Storage Unit Online Today! ...

July 15th, 2020

Temporary Storage Tips For Your Home & Business This Summer

Self Storage Tips

Moving this summer? Maybe your vacation plans are staying home; now is a great time to get the home organized and ready for summer plans. Jensen Beach Storage in Flordia offers storage solutions for every situation. Our drive-up storage units and temperature controlled self-storage make it easy to store your valuables for a few months for a few years. Start exploring temporary storage and our short term storage tips for your home and business! Use our office rentals to save your budget for the business. Self-storage is great for storing seasonal items. Clean out the garage and make an outdoor escape while you work from home. Make your home office in the living room and store furniture. Businesses can store tables and chairs to make an open floor plan! Jensen Beach Storage is here to help you store this summer! Whether your plans entail you staying home or you need more space at your storefront, our self-storage in Jensen Beach FL can help. State Renting Now Choosing a storage unit is easy! Find the ideal space using our size guide, then head over to our units page to find a storage unit for rent with the features you need. Contact us if you have questions while renting, our team is here to assist along the way. ...

June 1st, 2020

Rent Online Now With Contactless Storage Rentals

Self Storage

Keep your valuables safe and your office organized while you work from home with Jensen Beach Storage! How can we help? Our contactless storage rentals make renting self-storage in Jensen Beach FL easy. You can choose your storage unit and move in the same day. Get started now and move your items to a secure storage unit near you. Use our size guide to rent the right amount of space. Select a move in on our units page and add your contact information Choose which level of insurance you would like. Providing your own insurance? Send a declaration page of the policy to our store manager. Next, add your address and verify your contact information. Choose a secondary contact for emergencies Add payment information and confirm your storage rental for the date you want to move in. The page will automatically refresh and you will see a lease in your email inbox. Sign the lease and send it back to our manager to receive your gate code. Here to Help Every Step of the Way We offer office space for rent as well! Jensen Beach Storage offers a professional setting for self-starters and small businesses looking for a new office. Still deciding on the right storage unit? Reserve and talk with our on-site team. We are still here to help you move your items to storage and find moving supplies. In-person assistance is available during regular business hours; after hours speak with a representative! Rent or Reserve Today! ...

May 2nd, 2020

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