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February 5, 2021

Save on Storage When You Refer a Friend!

Ready to relocate? You will not be alone on that venture, as the U.S. saw a rise in temporary and permanent movers from big cities since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. We explain some of the big reasons for moving below. Moving can get stressful, but with the help of self storage, you can be organized and have peace of mind knowing all your belongings are safe as you make your transition. And when you refer a friend to Jensen Beach Self Storage, you can both save money on your rental. Start renting with us today!
Why Did People Move from Cities During the Pandemic?
  1. City Rent Was Too High for the New Conditions. Restaurants and entertainment locations were closed, so residents paid city rent prices to mostly be stuck in their apartments all day. New York, Brooklyn, and Chicago were at the top of the list with the highest numbers of people who moved away in the first six months of the pandemic.
  2. Government Officials Imposed Hefty Restrictions. In crowded cities, governments did their best to keep residents from extraneously spreading the virus. Restaurants could not serve sit-down service, buildings had lower occupancies, and masks had to be worn. But rural areas got much more lenient restrictions, and the freedom was enticing to many people.
  3. Social Distancing Got Tricky. Like noted above, cities are packed. During a normal year, you would come into contact with dozens of people just by riding public transportation or visiting a grocery store. For some, moving was a choice for personal safety.

Store With Jensen Beach Self Storage & Refer a Friend for Savings!

Did those reasons to move resonate with you? The moving process can get stressful, but Jensen Beach Self Storage is always here to support you. We offer drive-up and temperature-controlled storage units that are secure and affordable for Jensen Beach FL residents and businesses. And to save even more on storage, refer a friend for $50 off your next storage rental for each of you. Rent or reserve online!