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holiday decoration storage Jensen Beach FL
January 6, 2021

Finding Holiday Decoration Storage in Jensen Beach FL

Ready to finally pack up the holiday season? Jensen Beach Storage has the self storage options to help simplify that task. You can keep all your seasonal items in a nearby storage unit to keep it from crowding your home. You use them all once a year, so why take up your valuable storage space all year round? Let us handle your holiday decoration storage so you can live clutter-free. Follow these tips to pack up your decorations.


Your biggest focus is keeping your artificial Christmas tree’s branches and needles intact until next year. It should stay in good shape if you put in its original box or a similar-sized box or bag. You can also include extra padding, like bubble wrap, in the box to keep the tree from moving around.


These are some of the most delicate decorations that you will have to pack back away. If you have a lot of glass or other fragile materials, you may want to wrap your ornaments individually. Otherwise, you can add padding to the box so they do not break by knocking into each other.

Wrapping Paper

Unsure if you should keep the last of your holiday wrapping paper? If you will use it again next year, keep it! You can store all your wrapping supplies discreetly under your bed or over the door. If you choose to keep them in a Jensen Beach FL storage unit with the rest of your items, just make sure they are in a moisture-proof container.

Holiday Decoration Storage in the Jensen Beach FL Area

You do not need to worry about your holiday decorations taking up your attic or basement space once you take them down. Store seasonal, holiday decoration storage, and more at Jensen Beach Self Storage on Candice Avenue. We offer everything from small temperature-controlled storage units to large drive-up storage options. Rent your self storage in Jensen Beach FL!