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November 4, 2019

What Moving Supplies Will You Need?

Depending on your situation, moving requires a specific list of tools to simplify moving, but how can our storage facility be the answer? Did you know Jensen Beach Storage has moving supplies ready for purchase on-site? Everything from boxes, tape, even supplies to keep your storage unit in order, all can be purchased here. Our storage units are the most useful tools we offer, but learn what other tools can work together for your move.

What Storage Supplies To Use While Moving

  1. Packing Cushion – peanuts, paper, sheets of foam – anything to protect breakables during transit.
  2. Tape & Boxes – the basics of all moves, grab a few extras just in case you run low.
  3. Labels – Staying organized will benefit the movers now you later when it is time to take boxes out of your storage unit.
  4. Mattress Bags – Keep moisture away from the absorbent mattress with the right size cover.
  5. Rope & Straps – Secure boxes and furniture before transporting to the storage unit. After everything is packed, keep the ropes handy for moving out.
5 basic moving supplies that will save you in the long run. Our moving supplies are convenient and top of the line for our customers.
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Start making your moving easier with Jensen Beach Storage today! Come in to the office or make a choice online to save time.