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September 8, 2019

Professional Movers: Questions To Ask Before Hiring

While moving, our extra space in Jensen Beach FL can keep everything organized and safe. Whether moving to the area or finding a house in a nearby neighborhood, Jensen Beach Storage provides tips, answers, and extra space. There are a lot of tasks to handle before moving day and hiring professionals to move your items may be one of them. Let us help you determine who is the right team for the job with these questions.
Have you ever hired a moving company? Maybe you have a few items that require an expert hand or you just can not lift those heavy boxes, professional moving companies can simplify your long list of tasks. Here are a few questions you should consider asking before saying yes to a local mover.
  1. Do you give quotes over the phone?
  2. Is your staff temporary?
  3. If my moving date changes, will there be an extra charge?
  4. Are you licensed?
  5. Who should I contact if I run into problems on moving day?
  6. What supplies do I need to purchase?
Deciding to hire a local mover can make the process a little less stressful for you and your family. These questions will help you get all the information upfront and make an educated decision. Jensen Beach Storage works with many movers and can point you in the right direction for movers, realtors, even nearby places to eat. Our neighborhood friends board is ever-changing and full of useful experts ready to help you.
On Moving Day
The day has arrived and you are ready but these three tips can make the day go even better.
  1. Talk with your movers before everything gets moved. Answer any last-minute questions.
  2. Keep a surplus of boxes and tape for those last-minute items or in case a box breaks.
  3. Save important phone numbers on your phone ahead of time so you do not have to search for the right number during an emergency.
Jensen Beach Storage offers tips to help you move, organize, and store!
If you are looking for a safe place to store your items, our Jensen Beach FL storage units may be the solution. Choose from a variety of storage spaces all with the same level of security for your peace of mind. Make the move to storage today and reserve online!